Daisy Collingridge - Flesh Suits Performance

Ein Spiel mit den Körperrealitäten

Ein Spiel mit den Körperrealitäten

Daisy Collingridge (photo by metalmagazine.eu)

Interview mit der Künstlerin Daisy Collingridge

Im Rahmen des Internationalen Basler Figurentheater Festival BAFF! dürfen wir am Wochenende die Künstlerin Daisy Collingridge im Haus begrüssen.

Daisys «Fleischanzüge» sind eine Mischung aus Skulptur, Performance und Kunst. Mit ihnen erforscht und feiert sie die menschliche Form. Zum ersten Mal überhaupt mischen sich Burt, Clive, Hillary, Dave, Nigella und Lippy gemeinsam unters Publikum: eine Begegnung mit allen Sinnen.

Interview mit der Künstlerin Daisy Collingridge

Photo daisycollingridge.com

What may the visitor expect this weekend?

To be confronted with the living, breathing versions of the suits. The two characters will play out their lives in a brand new environment, responding spontaneously to the situation.


What is your motivation to approach the audience with this form of performance? What do you hope to trigger/release?

Breathing life into the pieces is an important part of the work. The suits take on new meaning when interacted with in real time and real space.   A live performance allows people to experience interaction. There are frequently opposing forces of emotions when confronted with these characters. The dynamic shift between emotion is a fundamental part of the work, forcing the viewer to reflect on their own behaviors.

Photo daisycollingridge.com

What inspires/inspired you to this work/ideas?

The work comes from a collision of worlds; the fascination with the human body and the components that it’s made from mashed together with intense fabric manipulation. Anatomical studies from the 16th century anatomist Andreas Vesalius have been an important reference point for the work. There is a strange combination of anatomical accuracy and animation.


What reaction to the Flesh Suits is most memorable to you?

It’s the variety of reactions that make this work interesting for me. Everyone comes to it with their own experience of living in a body so of course the reactions differ. Some react with laughter and joy whilst others are more tentative and unsure how to behave. There is never indifference.

Photy daisycollingridge.com