Project series:
In Full View

Would you like to look on as staff go about their research? The "Before Everyone’s Eyes” project series makes this possible: Our employees move their workstations to one of the museums’s showrooms and are available to talk to you in person at any time.

Who owns the objects in the MKB's collections? An answer to this question is needed for every single item. Provenance research has now picked up speed and you as visitors are given the chance to observe it close up.

To that end, members of staff will be moving their workplace to one of the museum’s showrooms. In the project series titled "In Full View", they will be spending a few weeks working in the Hedi Keller-Room during museum opening hours.

Researchers, conservators, photographers, as well as the logistics and communications teams, can be observed at close quarters, and will actively seek to engage you in conversation. They are there to explain the work they do, answer your questions and discuss things with you.

If you would like to know more, you can take your time to look through a wide range of documents, from letters and index cards, diaries, contracts and applications to measurements, media folders along with publications. Photos projected onto the wall provide further insights.

Sri Lanka and Hiva Oa
The "Dambana, Sri Lanka" project will begin on 7 May. Vedda communities submitted two requests for the return to Dambana of 47 objects. Those were once collected by the research couple Fritz and Paul Sarasin. The requests generated provenance research, discussions and a research trip to Sri Lanka.

What has the museum done since then? Which objects are involved? What is the story behind the apron, the digging stick or the lighter, for example? Museum staff will answer all your questions. They will be showing and telling you what they have done so far and what they are currently working on on the first floor of the museum until 31 May.

From 27 June to 21 July, we move on to "Hiva Oa, French Polynesia". In 1932, two Basel men, Lucas Staehelin and Theo Meier, travelled to Hiva Oa, an island in the Marquesas group, to assemble a collection. Using some of the objects they collected, and in collaboration with the Museum, an exhibition is to be organized there. Here, too, you as visitors will be able to learn about the steps needed to make it happen.

You can find out more about the "In Full View" project series and why transparency is so important to the MKB here.

We are looking foward to your questions.

Visiting the "In Full View" project series is included in the admission fee.