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At night

awake or dreaming

28 April 2023 – 21 January 2024

In the hours of darkness, our experience varies between rest and leisure, menace and temptation, routine and adventure. Playing with light and dark, the exhibition illustrates how we spend our nights, what we fear in them, and what so fascinates us about them.

Farbige Zeichnung von einem Regenwald in verschiedenen Grüntönen. Unten am Bildrand ist ein Mann von hinten zu sehen, der eine gerodete Lichtung im Wald betrachtet.


more than human worlds

permanent exhibition as of 8 September 2023

How do we humans perceive our co-world? What is our relationship with the Earth, other creatures, and things? What values regulate our social coexistence? In our quest for a shared future and alternative forms of coexistence, we explore local perspectives, actions, and ideas.



Nächtliche Krippenszene mit bemalten Tonfiguren auf einer weissen Treppe. Maria, Joseph und das Jesuskind sind beleuchtet, von den Krippenfiguren ringsum sind nur dunkle Umrisse erkennbar.

Silent Night?

Christmas exhibition

17 November 2023 – 7 January 2024

The carol Silent night! Holy night! celebrates Christmas as a time of silent prayer and reverence. Yet by the time the angels, shepherds, musicians and market traders pay their respects to the Infant Jesus, any sense of tranquillity is long gone. Our exhibition of crowded nativity scenes encourages visitors to join in some carol singing.