MKB Fellowship

By setting up the MKB Fellowship, the Museum der Kulturen Basel (MKB) has created a framework within which external scholars are given the opportunity to engage extensively with the collections.

They advance interpretations and reinterpretations of object categories and collections and conduct provenance research. Their findings feed into publications, lecture series, and exhibitions.

The MKB Fellowship was made possible in 2013 by the bequest of Georges and Mirjam Kinzel. The couple decreed that the proceeds from the Georges and Mirjam Kinzel-Fonds should be used to fund research and the acquisition of objects.

Further research projects are scheduled for the future.


Tabea Buri und Anna Lehninger: «On the ethnographic significance of children’s drawings: Eduard Hoffmann-Krayer’s unknown collection of children’s drawings»


Martin A. Jenny: «The provenance of two Zuni ritual objects»