Grasping anthropology

On the first Wednesday evening of each month, the Museum der Kulturen Basel (MKB) presents a new topic for discussion. Members of staff consider current social issues, look at history from a different angle, and uncover surprising connections with our lives today.

The pace of political, social, and cultural change has quickened in recent years — although whether it has in fact, or whether we only think it has is open to question. Signalling a form of individual and collective surprise — if not a sense of being overwhelmed even — so much seems hard to grasp in today’s world. It is in the nature of change to prompt mixed reactions, of course.

Our monthly event called “Grasping anthropology” is part of our education programme. In guided tours, discussions, workshops, concerts, and readings, we examine issues that are socially and culturally relevant – in ways that are coherent and can be grasped. The museum’s curators and guest speakers and members of the public discuss the museum, its exhibitions and exhibits, and topical issues in a spirited exchange of views that both sides find enriching.