Iridescent Everyday Wear

Indigo, Luster and Pleats

26 April 2012 – 20 January 2013

With the exhibition “Iridescent Everyday Clothes” the Museum der Kulturen turns attention to a singular aspect within the unique clothing tradition of the Miao peoples, presenting select pieces of a textile collection that enjoys worldwide acclaim. The metallically shimmering skirts worn by Miao women represent artistry in perfection.

Dyed, beaten, pleated
The amazing fabrics feature three special tokens: the midnight-blue, almost black indigo hue, the many pleats that lend the fabric a sculpture-like stiffness, and the metallic sheen. The fabrics are produced by Miao women by hand; the knowledge concerning the many work steps is passed down from one generation to the next.

The exhibition was designed and realized by the guest curator Walter Bruno Brix, who is not only known for his work as an artist but also in his capacity as an art historian and textile specialist.

Vernissage: 25.4.2012, 18.30