Take Your Pick

125 objects for 125 years

14 September 2018 – 6 January 2019

Imagine a large birthday party: people from all walks of life, all with their own histories and opinions, get together to celebrate. Some of them know each other – others don’t. They recount memories and share the latest news. They probably have a few things in common, but there are sure to be a few surprises, too.


On the occasion of the exhibition to celebrate our 125th anniversary, we are assembling 125 “esteemed guests” in our banquet hall. They come from all corners of the world, have different stories to tell, and were selected for the show by the public for very diverse reasons. Some seem to have intimate local ties, others strike us as mysterious. Some appear fascinatingly foreign, yet others look quite familiar. You will meet style icons as well as witty jokesters.

Welcome to the party!