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The Museum der Kulturen Basel offers many opportunities to discover and experience cultural life in all its diversity and richness. Our aim is to display the almost limitless range of human creativity in its relevant social, political and historical contexts in a way that is not only aesthetic and stimulating, but also takes into account current conditions and issues. Diverse interactive events provide a chance to engage in a constructive dialogue as to how we perceive and experience unknown as well as supposedly known cultures. By offering a wide range of events, services and facilities, the Museum der Kulturen Basel invites its visitors to discover the cultures of our world and open their minds to current issues and conditions across the globe.

> Educational programme for schools
> Private guided tours
> Renting of premises
Museum der Kulturen Basel
M├╝nsterplatz 20, Postfach, 4001 Basel
T +41 61 266 56 00, Email
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